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Horse Tack Riding Sets

Horse Tack Sets

We know we have the winning formula show horse tack sets available. [You'll notice we are adding to them daily in preparation for the holidays.]

Dress your horse to win! Let your horse stand head & shoulders above the competition in our stunning leather show tack. Let your horse carry you safely on your trails. Fit your horse with quality horse tack sets as you work the cattle and ride the range. The only problem you'll have is choosing one from our superb sets of tack!

Get your favorite rider a new horse tack set or, better yet, treat yourself to one.

Horse Tack Sets
Ozark Buckstitch Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-06523S-06524S-BUCKSTITCH)Ozark Buckstitch Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-06523S-06524S-BUCKSTITCH)Affordable price, high quality buckstitch horse tack set suitable for all western riding uses
Ozark Rhinestones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-080-063-07363-RHSTONES)Ozark Rhinestones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-080-063-07363-RHSTONES)Dress your horse with subtle rhinestone bling in dark or light finish and get reins, too.
Ozark Knotted Infinity Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08064-06364-INFINITY)Ozark Knotted Infinity Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08064-06364-INFINITY)Practical & showy show horse/pleasure horse tack in light or dark oil finishes
Ozark Turquoise Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08108DK-S-TURQUOISE)Ozark Turquoise Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08108DK-S-TURQUOISE)This is the perfect horse tack set for turquoise lovers. It's like gorgeous jewelry on your horse.
Ozark Turquoise-Silver Dots Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08110-06510-03110-TQ-DOTS)Ozark Turquoise-Silver Dots Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08110-06510-03110-TQ-DOTS)Turquoise and silver dot embellished tack set to adorn your beautiful horse and head for the shows
Ozark Star-Bead-Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08112-06512-STAR)Ozark Star-Bead-Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08112-06512-STAR)Dress your horse in this refined Star Seed Bead accented tack set and look like a million bucks
Ozark Thunderbird Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08113-06513-THUNDBD)Ozark Thunderbird Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08113-06513-THUNDBD)Every bit as gorgeous as the other seed bead rosette sets. Dress up your show horse.
Ozark Stones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08275-06275S-STONES)Ozark Stones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08275-06275S-STONES)New offering from Ozark Leather, purple or lime green stones tack set. Available immediately.
Ozark Filigree Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08283-06283-FILIGREE)Ozark Filigree Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08283-06283-FILIGREE)Good looking, rugged headstall and breast collar western riding tack set
Ozark Tooled Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08522-06522-TOOLED)Ozark Tooled Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08522-06522-TOOLED)Fit your horse with either narrow or wide browband headstall in this tack set
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