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About Ozark

Ozark Leather

Ozark Leather Company—Saddle King of Texas offers an incredible line of products that range from saddles & tack and winter blankets to t-shirts and novelty items. All products are of superior quality and include current and trendy products. The company provides an ever-increasing array of superior items. Ozark Leather has as its ultimate goal the total satisfaction of its customers. Its company slogan is: We guarantee satisfaction because at Ozark, the customer is KING.”

Ozark has been our primary supplier since our store first published. It carries mostly western saddles and tack. It also has excellent quality horse blankets and is excellent to work with.
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DYH Jazzy Blue Horse Stable Blanket (SKU: DYH-Jazzy-Blue)DYH Jazzy Blue Horse Stable Blanket (SKU: DYH-Jazzy-Blue)Warm, secure and well fitting on horse. Black Friday deal starts now til Nov 30 - Buy Jazzy & get free full hood
Ozark -  Lone Star Classic Western Pleasure Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01300-LONESTAR)Ozark - Lone Star Classic Western Pleasure Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01300-LONESTAR)The Lone Star Class has been around a long time because it's a great saddle!
Ozark -  Lone Star Dark Classic Western Pleasure Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01301-LONESTAR)Ozark - Lone Star Dark Classic Western Pleasure Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01301-LONESTAR)The Lone Star Class has been around a long time because it's a great saddle! This is finished dark.
Ozark -  Western Barrel Racing Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1035-BARREL)Ozark - Western Barrel Racing Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1035-BARREL)The Barrel Racing Saddle is priced well so partner up with saddle and horse and run for the win.
Ozark -  Western Classic Roper Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01233-ROPER)Ozark - Western Classic Roper Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01233-ROPER)The Classic Roper Saddle by Ozark is a well-pricde, hard riding saddle to get the job done!
Ozark -  Western Half Breed Barrel Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1036-BARREL)Ozark - Western Half Breed Barrel Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1036-BARREL)The Half Breed Barrel Saddle is $130 off list and will ship and freight to your house, another big savings, for free.
Ozark -  Western Pony Saddle Package (SKU: Ozark-01363PKG)Ozark - Western Pony Saddle Package (SKU: Ozark-01363PKG)Buy this saddle package and give that special child the complete set including rope
Ozark - Western Ranch Roper Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1030-RCHROPER)Ozark - Western Ranch Roper Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1030-RCHROPER)The Ranch Roper Saddle and all our saddles are on sale. Free shipping and handling.
Ozark - Western Roper Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1031-ROPER)Ozark - Western Roper Saddle (SKU: Ozark-1031-ROPER)The Roper Saddle is for sale at our lowest price yet  since the price increases and has free shipping, no freight charges
Ozark Batwing Chaps (SKU: Ozark-12636-BATWING)Ozark Batwing Chaps (SKU: Ozark-12636-BATWING)The Batwing Chaps are top grain leather. They feature double pockets and adjustable leg straps.
Ozark Brands Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-BRANDS)Ozark Brands Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-BRANDS)The Brands Turnout celebrates the hard work accomplished by horse and cowboy on the range and ranches.
Ozark Buckstitch Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-06523S-06524S-BUCKSTITCH)Ozark Buckstitch Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-06523S-06524S-BUCKSTITCH)Affordable price, high quality buckstitch horse tack set suitable for all western riding uses
Ozark Cowboy Faith Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-FAITH)Ozark Cowboy Faith Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-FAITH)The Cowboy Faith Turnout proudly confirms all that is good and right in the cowboy and cowgirl world.
Ozark Cowgirl Fever Three-Quarter Hood (SKU: Ozark-103-CGF-Hood)Ozark Cowgirl Fever Three-Quarter Hood (SKU: Ozark-103-CGF-Hood)SOLD OUT - THEY'RE GONE
Ozark Cowgirl Fever Waterproof Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-CGF)Ozark Cowgirl Fever Waterproof Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-CGF)Ozark's Cowgirl Fever Horse Blanket set the standard for "hot" horse clothing!
Ozark Filigree Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08283-06283-FILIGREE)Ozark Filigree Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08283-06283-FILIGREE)Good looking, rugged headstall and breast collar western riding tack set
Ozark Full Grain Leather Shotgun Chaps (SKU: Ozark-12637-SHOTGUN)Ozark Full Grain Leather Shotgun Chaps (SKU: Ozark-12637-SHOTGUN)The Shotgun Chaps are made with premium full grain leather and can be used for show or ranch work
Ozark Hay Bale Bag (SKU: Ozark-14215)Ozark Hay Bale Bag (SKU: Ozark-14215)Useful barn accessory to protect hay from dust & moisture. 
Ozark Horse Rain Sheet (SKU: Ozark-101-RAIN)Ozark Horse Rain Sheet (SKU: Ozark-101-RAIN)A complete cover-up for your horse when it's wet and messy. Rain Sheet has mess liner.
Ozark Insulated Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13066)Ozark Insulated Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13066)Saddle Bags with convenience of insulation.
Ozark Insulated Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13065)Ozark Insulated Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13065)Insulated saddle back with stay-in-place lock
Ozark Insulated Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13076)Ozark Insulated Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13076)Affordable Cordura shell saddle bags in Camo colors.
Ozark Knotted Infinity Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08064-06364-INFINITY)Ozark Knotted Infinity Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08064-06364-INFINITY)Practical & showy show horse/pleasure horse tack in light or dark oil finishes
Ozark Leather Chinks (SKU: Ozark-12638-CHINKS)Ozark Leather Chinks (SKU: Ozark-12638-CHINKS)The Ozark Leather Chinks are full grain leather with adjustable waist and leg snaps
Ozark Mens Antique Rope & Stars Spur (SKU: Ozark-167101)Ozark Mens Antique Rope & Stars Spur (SKU: Ozark-167101)Antique finish spurs. This masculine and unique pair of spurs has rope edging and star accents
Ozark Mens Antique Stars Spur (SKU: Ozark-165496)Ozark Mens Antique Stars Spur (SKU: Ozark-165496)Antique finish 9-point Rowel Spurs w/Silver Overlay Cutout Stars
Ozark Mens Engraved Stainless Steel Spur (SKU: Ozark-168503)Ozark Mens Engraved Stainless Steel Spur (SKU: Ozark-168503)Stainless Steel for the guys
Ozark Mens Engraved Stainless Steel Spur (SKU: Ozark-168500)Ozark Mens Engraved Stainless Steel Spur (SKU: Ozark-168500)Stainless Steel all-purpose spur for men. 
Ozark Mens Stainless Steel Spurs (SKU: Ozark-16831)Ozark Mens Stainless Steel Spurs (SKU: Ozark-16831)Stainless steel. Men's 10 point rowel spurs
Ozark Miniature Horse Halter (SKU: Ozark-2010)Ozark Miniature Horse Halter (SKU: Ozark-2010)Miniature horse halter with solid brass fittings.
Ozark Navajo Top Pad (SKU: Ozark-11719)Ozark Navajo Top Pad (SKU: Ozark-11719)Durable double weave Navajo Top Pad
Ozark Noseband with Clear Rubber Nose (SKU: Ozark-3010)Ozark Noseband with Clear Rubber Nose (SKU: Ozark-3010)Adjustable crown. 3/4" nylon crown piece.
Ozark Nylon Horse Tail Bags (SKU: Ozark-13042)Ozark Nylon Horse Tail Bags (SKU: Ozark-13042)For lush, luxurious horse tails.
Ozark Nylon Noseband and Tiedown (SKU: Ozark-3510)Ozark Nylon Noseband and Tiedown (SKU: Ozark-3510)Adjustable crown horse tack. Nylon Noseband/Tiedown.
Ozark Open Front 420 Denier Stable Blanket (SKU: Ozark-109)Ozark Open Front 420 Denier Stable Blanket (SKU: Ozark-109)This is a great blanket at an even better price. Grab a hood while you can. 
Ozark Polar Fleece Contoured Cooler (SKU: Ozark-10075NV-COOLER)Ozark Polar Fleece Contoured Cooler (SKU: Ozark-10075NV-COOLER)Well-priced polar fleece all-purpose contoured cooler by Ozark Leather.
Ozark Rhinestones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-080-063-07363-RHSTONES)Ozark Rhinestones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-080-063-07363-RHSTONES)Dress your horse with subtle rhinestone bling in dark or light finish and get reins, too.
Ozark Saddle - Western Circle P Barrel Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01462-CIRCLE-P)Ozark Saddle - Western Circle P Barrel Saddle (SKU: Ozark-01462-CIRCLE-P)Get $50 off & free shipping & freight! /Ozark Circle P Barrel Saddle is available in seat size 15.5".
Ozark Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13061)Ozark Saddle Bag (SKU: Ozark-13061)Cordura shell Saddle Bags available in black, hunter, brown
Ozark Saddle Horn Bag (SKU: Ozark-13044)Ozark Saddle Horn Bag (SKU: Ozark-13044)Saddle Horn Bag by Ozark
Ozark Stable Sheet (SKU: Ozark-107)Ozark Stable Sheet (SKU: Ozark-107)This sheet wears like a glove on the horse. Grab the Zebra sheets before they're gone.
Ozark Star-Bead-Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08112-06512-STAR)Ozark Star-Bead-Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08112-06512-STAR)Dress your horse in this refined Star Seed Bead accented tack set and look like a million bucks
Ozark Stones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08275-06275S-STONES)Ozark Stones Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08275-06275S-STONES)New offering from Ozark Leather, purple or lime green stones tack set. Available immediately.
Ozark Thunderbird Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08113-06513-THUNDBD)Ozark Thunderbird Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08113-06513-THUNDBD)Every bit as gorgeous as the other seed bead rosette sets. Dress up your show horse.
Ozark Tie Dye Fashion Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-TIEDYE)Ozark Tie Dye Fashion Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-TIEDYE)TheTie Dye Turnout adds the flair of fashion and high trend to your barn and the horse's wardrobe.
Ozark Tooled Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08522-06522-TOOLED)Ozark Tooled Rosette Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08522-06522-TOOLED)Fit your horse with either narrow or wide browband headstall in this tack set
Ozark Turquoise Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08108DK-S-TURQUOISE)Ozark Turquoise Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08108DK-S-TURQUOISE)This is the perfect horse tack set for turquoise lovers. It's like gorgeous jewelry on your horse.
Ozark Turquoise-Silver Dots Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08110-06510-03110-TQ-DOTS)Ozark Turquoise-Silver Dots Horse Tack Set (SKU: Ozark-08110-06510-03110-TQ-DOTS)Turquoise and silver dot embellished tack set to adorn your beautiful horse and head for the shows
Ozark Waterproof Breathable Turnout Blanket (SKU: Ozark-108-659508414)Ozark Waterproof Breathable Turnout Blanket (SKU: Ozark-108-659508414)Ozark's warmest winter horse turnout blanket with three-quarter hood-1680D. Best ever in frigid winter conditions.
Ozark Waterproof Breathable Turnout Blanket (SKU: Ozark-108)Ozark Waterproof Breathable Turnout Blanket (SKU: Ozark-108)Ozark's newest horse blanket turnout. 1200 Denier Rip-Stop Nylon. Contoured.
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