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About Ozark

Ozark Leather

Ozark Leather Company—Saddle King of Texas offers an incredible line of products that range from saddles & tack and winter blankets to t-shirts and novelty items. All products are of superior quality and include current and trendy products. The company provides an ever-increasing array of superior items. Ozark Leather has as its ultimate goal the total satisfaction of its customers. Its company slogan is: We guarantee satisfaction because at Ozark, the customer is KING.”

Ozark has been our primary supplier since our store first published. It carries mostly western saddles and tack. It also has excellent quality horse blankets and is excellent to work with.
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DYH Jazzy Blue Horse Stable Blanket (SKU: DYH-Jazzy-Blue)DYH Jazzy Blue Horse Stable Blanket (SKU: DYH-Jazzy-Blue)All sizes available. Several blankets for minis, too.
Ozark Cowgirl Fever Waterproof Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-CGF)Ozark Cowgirl Fever Waterproof Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-CGF)Ozark's Cowgirl Fever Horse Blanket set the standard for "hot" horse clothing!
Ozark Polar Fleece Contoured Cooler (SKU: Ozark-10075NV-COOLER)Ozark Polar Fleece Contoured Cooler (SKU: Ozark-10075NV-COOLER)Well-priced polar fleece all-purpose contoured cooler by Ozark Leather.
Ozark Saddle Horn Bag (SKU: Ozark-13044)Ozark Saddle Horn Bag (SKU: Ozark-13044)Saddle Horn Bag by Ozark
Ozark Stable Sheet (SKU: Ozark-107)Ozark Stable Sheet (SKU: Ozark-107)This sheet wears like a glove on the horse. Note that I have some Zebras.
Ozark Tie Dye Fashion Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-TIEDYE)Ozark Tie Dye Fashion Horse Blanket Turnout (SKU: Ozark-103-TIEDYE)Only four remain on the shelves
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