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Shop by Brand

We're proud to offer the Best Of The Best brands:

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Trail Painted Ponies

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Welcome! Enjoy your visit. Call if we can help.

Welcome! Enjoy your visit. Call if we can help.

Patrick welcomes customers to site
Yeehaw from Patrick, Little Patrick, Heidi Rucki & DressYourHorse Gang

Status on Cowgirl Fever

Status on Cowgirl Fever

Going . . . The popular collectible Ozark Cowgirl Fever Horse Turnout  . . . Going . . .
Justa bout gone ~
Baker Super Winter Horse Blanket

Baker Super Winter Horse Blanket

Introducing our spectacular Baker® Super Winter Horse Blanket ~ this Baker is the first horse blanket that offers you every important option already included. It gives you the hotly desired Original Plaid or Tartan Plaid, with choice of neck styles, surcingle styles, trim and binding and even presents it to you with the monograms. It is a gift of excitement for horse and rider, it is a reward for a horse show win, it is a thank you for a loving gesture and it is all for that special horse. Get him the Rolls Royce of horse blankets! 

Have a closer look: Baker Super Winter Horse Blanket with monogram 
                           Baker® Super Winter Horse Blanket™   will have monogram too

Our Super Baker® is complete with all the bells and whistles your horse craves to look and feel great. He will get luxury because it’s a Baker, he’ll get class from the fame and name of Baker, and he’ll get loads of style, trend, good looks, comfort, value, durability because it’s a Baker!
Baker Bags and Carriers

Baker Bags and Carriers

The time of holiday gift giving isn't far away. Gift your special horse person with a Baker Bag or get practical with a Baker Duffle. You have great choices! But for the show people, the special array of the BakerTM Bag and Carrier Collection and also BakerTM Accessories is the most ideal, practical, stylish, beautiful and affordable gift. Get the discriminating horse showman the BakerTM line of stable/show Bags and Carriers and turn out at the shows with over one hundred years of class in the famous Baker plaid. 

BakerTM Bag and Carrier Collection with black trim

BakerTM Bag and Carrier Collection with brown trim

Find them all when you click here: BakerTM Bag and Carrier Collection
In Praise of Baker Blankets and Baker Sheets!

In Praise of Baker Blankets and Baker Sheets!

Baker Blankets Baker Sheets
There simply is nothing better for your horse than Baker!
Choose from our easy-to-order stock blanket and/or sheet listings. Or select custom options with the custom listings
Also coming is our complete option
Heidi Rucki's Patrick wears Baker
Patrick wears BakerTM

Click on one or all: Blanket-Custom. Blanket-Stock. Sheet-Custom, Sheet-Stock
Our Jazzy Blue Horse Blankets for you!

Our Jazzy Blue Horse Blankets for you!

Jazzies are amazing Stable Blankets!
Dress your horse(s) in cuddly warmth.
Contoured! Gorgeous! Blue ribbon jazzy! Cozy! Comfy!

Patrick wears Jazzy Blue Stable Horse BlanketTM
Made exclusively for DressYourHorse.com
Highest quality standards
Jazzies wear super well
Our Little Patrick is on them - you know they're good!
Dog Blankets by Baker

Dog Blankets by Baker

Doggie "horse" blankets are all-the rage-with Baker-loving horse owners.

Dress Your Horse in Baker horse clothing
Dress Your Barn or Stable or Show Tack Room in Baker Accessories and Carriers
Dress Yourself and your humans in Baker Bags

Dress Your Dog in Baker.     So cool! click on pix
  Picture your dog in his dog blanket.

    He'll partner with your gorgeous horse.
         They will both be wearing Baker Original Plaid.
Painted Ponies figurines - Our stock is almost gone

Painted Ponies figurines - Our stock is almost gone

Trail of Painted Ponies

Great pricing on our Painted Ponies.
Get your Christmas purchases in for Ponies at these
low prices before our stock is sold out.

  Painted Ponies Childrens Prayer       Painted Pony Tribal Spirit
Our Painted Ponies are all priced to be affordable, even if they have been retired or are in short demand. Also, each Painted Pony figurine will ship immediately. No waiting.

Horse Whispers figurines for horse loving girls

Horse Whispers figurines for horse loving girls

Horse Whispers figurines

Simply described: Gorgeous, heartwarming, delightful
Horse Whispers celebrate the love of girl and horse. If you know a lady - young or old - give her a surprise Horse Whispers figurine for no other reason than "I'm thinking of you!" It'll be a hit!

Horse Whispers Wish Upon a Horse Horse Whispers Pride and Joy Horse Whispers Dreams Come True
Wish Upon a Horse Pride and Joy Dreams Come True

Little Patrick models our Jazzy Blues

Little Patrick models our Jazzy Blues

JAZZY Blue Horse Blankets.
For the horse person who wants
quality at amazing price.
Little Patrick models Jazzy Blue Horse Stable BlanketTM
Your doggie wants a warm blanket too

Your doggie wants a warm blanket too

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man
by Winston Churchill

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