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DressYourHorse is closing.

DressYourHorse is closing.

Thank you all for your best wishes.
Lots has happened and I am decreasing my workload.
Patrick is retiring in Connecticut - Sebastian and Cooper remain here.

This dressyourhorse.com website will be changing over to gallopinghorsepoopies.com.

I'm still writing for Examiner.com - Please give me your support in this endeavor because my pay comes from each page viewing. You read my articles on Examiner and view the slide shows and/or videos and it's like a taxi clicker - it's how I get paid as a freelance writer so it would be great to get your loyal support. Thanks mucho!!! Here's my link - check out my current and older articles: 

I'll post website changes on Facebook.
Our Jazzy Blue Horse Blankets for you!

Our Jazzy Blue Horse Blankets for you!

Jazzies are amazing Stable Blankets!

Dress your horse(s) in cuddly warmth.
Contoured! Gorgeous! Blue ribbon jazzy! Cozy! Comfy!

Patrick wears Jazzy Blue Stable Horse BlanketTM TM
Excellent stable blankets. Most sizes still available. Only four full hoods left.
Horse Whispers figurines for horse loving girls

Horse Whispers figurines for horse loving girls

Horse Whispers figurines

Simply described: Gorgeous, heartwarming, delightful
Horse Whispers celebrate the love of girl and horse. If you know a lady - young or old - give her a surprise Horse Whispers figurine for no other reason than "I'm thinking of you!" It'll be a hit!

Horse Whispers Wish Upon a Horse Horse Whispers Pride and Joy Horse Whispers Dreams Come True
Wish Upon a Horse Pride and Joy Dreams Come True

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man
by Winston Churchill

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