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Shop by Brand

We're proud to offer the Best Of The Best brands:

Curvon ~ Baker

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JT International


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Sarah Richards

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Trail Painted Ponies

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Welcome! Enjoy your visit. Call if we can help.

Welcome! Enjoy your visit. Call if we can help.

Patrick welcomes customers to site

Adding product daily in all categories . . . sorry for the inconvenience

Our Jazzy Blue Horse Blankets for you!

Our Jazzy Blue Horse Blankets for you!

Jazzies are amazing Stable Blankets!
Dress your horse(s) in cuddly warmth.
Contoured! Gorgeous! Blue ribbon jazzy! Cozy! Comfy!

Patrick wears Jazzy Blue Stable Horse BlanketTM
Made exclusively for DressYourHorse.com
Highest quality standards
Jazzies wear super well
Our Little Patrick is on them - you know they're good!
Painted Ponies figurines - Our stock is almost gone

Painted Ponies figurines - Our stock is almost gone

Trail of Painted Ponies

Great pricing on our Painted Ponies.
Get your Christmas purchases in for Ponies at these
low prices before our stock is sold out.

  Painted Ponies Childrens Prayer       Painted Pony Tribal Spirit
Our Painted Ponies are all priced to be affordable, even if they have been retired or are in short demand. Also, each Painted Pony figurine will ship immediately. No waiting.

Horse Whispers figurines for horse loving girls

Horse Whispers figurines for horse loving girls

Horse Whispers figurines

Simply described: Gorgeous, heartwarming, delightful
Horse Whispers celebrate the love of girl and horse. If you know a lady - young or old - give her a surprise Horse Whispers figurine for no other reason than "I'm thinking of you!" It'll be a hit!

Horse Whispers Wish Upon a Horse Horse Whispers Pride and Joy Horse Whispers Dreams Come True
Wish Upon a Horse Pride and Joy Dreams Come True

Little Patrick models our Jazzy Blues

Little Patrick models our Jazzy Blues

JAZZY Blue Horse Blankets.
For the horse person who wants
quality at amazing price.
Little Patrick models Jazzy Blue Horse Stable BlanketTM
Great products for amazing prices

Great products for amazing prices

Bronc Nose - Embossed Leather
Soft against face of horse
Nylon Web Halter leather trimmed
poll and cheeks
Link to Tough Bronc Nose Halter

Full-Size Draft Horse Halter
with Solid Brass Fittings

Detail of Ronmar Draft Halter
Base Halter Color: Blue
Link to Ronmar Draft Horse Halter

Jan Davenport of famed 

Davenport red beads &
Saddlebred charms
Link to Jan Davenport's red bracelet on our site  

Beautiful horse tack set by
Abetta. Tack set includes the
Browband Headstall, Reins
and Breast Collar for one
amazing price. This is last
piece of our inventory at
this time
Breast Collar for this 
Abetta Horse Tack Set.
Amazing and affordable
price to close out inventory.
Detail of Breast Collar. Stars are cutout hide.
Deco rawhide at scallops. Fancy silver dots--Incredible value!
Link to Abetta Horse Tack Set $80.00
Horse Articles, The Old Gray MareThe Old Gray Mare writes and publishes knowledgeable articles on horse blankets, care, riding, training and the general well being of horses. Articles range from horse grooming to non-horse articles and recipes. A wide range of topics is discussed but primary focus is horse health care and pros and cons of horse blankets.
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" ~Winston Churchill                                                           
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